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Three popular football betting strategies

Football is the most popular sport, so bookmakers offer a wide range of line painting. There are hundreds of options to bet on a football match and even more for important matches. Consider different strategies that punters use to win bets.

Outsider bet

Beginners usually bet on the winner of the encounter, believing that a strong team will win. The odds on such matches are low – by taking this step, bookmakers are trying to reduce their payments to punters. The victory of a strong team in such matches really happens very often, but not always.

The disadvantage of betting on the favourite of the match is that you have to risk large sums to make decent money. If you use your favourite betting strategy all the time, losses are inevitable. If you bet large sums on the line, the losses will be very painful to your budget.

If you lower the odds for the winner, the odds for the underdog will automatically increase. If you put even a little money on a weak team, whose loss is expected by most experts, you can increase the bet by 5-7 times. Leaders lose, though not very often.

You can also bet on a double outcome by picking an underdog win and a draw. If you bet on an outsider, you can use the catch-up strategy. It provides that the stake is doubled after each loss.

Forks for betting on football

During the game, offers and betting conditions may change. The player’s task is to make several bets in such a way that the pole makes a profit for each outcome. When betting, you can select a team’s win, total, lead and other options. You can place a bet in the prematch by calmly weighing up all the possible scenarios and then backing up your choice live.

For example, before a match they gave a coefficient of 2.2 for a total of more than 2.5. The bookmaker expected many goals in the match. The player chose this result and bet $100. At the same time, the mast teams showed a sluggish game, there were practically no attacks. So, in total, less than 2.5 have already started to result in 2.2. The player bets $100 on the opposite result. On each report of the meeting, his winnings are $20.

The classic version of the fork, which is virtually risk-free for the player, is to look for two opposite outcomes with odds greater than 2 at different bookmakers.


Corridors can be caught in life if the gambler is well versed in football and can handle risk. Under the circumstances, both bets can win. Example of a corridor: For total bets, you must first score less than 2.5 goals in a match with a coefficient of more than 2. If the match is without goals and attacks, you must wait until the coefficient of total is more than 1.5 is more than 2 Next, you bet the same amount on this result.

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