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Video Bingo Games

With our modern, video bingo games, when you want to start a game, you choose the number of cards you are going to play with, a minimum of one and a maximum of four. If you want to change the numbers on the cards, just click on them. The balls will be drawn and their numbers will be marked on the cards. If there are any winning combinations, these will be indicated on the same cards. The prize, bingo, is won by filling out the whole card. Try it out right now in our video bingo section.

Our Bingo Game Themes

Online casino has a section dedicated to video bingo, with varied themes, and different styles, to please everyone. There are online bingo games based on animals, sports, oriental themes, esoteric, 3D cartoons and more. Come and play now!

More about the Bingo Game

It may have been invented by the Italians in the 1500s but more recently, bingo has really taken off. Recently, we refer to the last 60 or so years. After the rise of bingo halls came the rise of the internet and a whole new world of online games like slots or roulette.

The 1980s and 1990s saw a bit of a downturn in the market with so much competition in other forms of gaming and entertainment. However, the 1990s also saw the launch of online bingo.

In the 2000s, there was a significant rise in online bingo, due to a number of factors. The ease of learning/playing and the low risks involved made bingo perfectly adaptable to an online format. Advances in software and technology mean that the game will surely only evolve and continue to be successful, and who knows how or what it will look like in the decades to come. Keep playing at Casino to find out!

How to Play Video Bingo?

Our Video Bingo section features a wide variety of this type of game. Choose the one you like the most to get started. It is possible to play with up to 4 cards. The cards are arranged in sets of 6 cards (in columns). All the numbers of the globe are in one set without repeats. Once the game starts, the numbered balls will be displayed in a row. If any of the displayed numbers match any of the numbers on the cards, it will be scored automatically.

Can I play video bingo on my mobile phone?

Our video bingo games are fully suited so you can play on your smartphone or tablet with ease. Just make sure your mobile device is connected to the internet, download the app or log into Casino as normal, and you’ll get the same great visual and bonus features on all devices.

It’s Safe to Play Video Bingo

We take our customers’ online security very seriously, which is why we are always updating our security software and encryption methods to ensure they are completely up to date. Protecting your sensitive information is our priority, and we only work with the most trusted providers in the industry to ensure you’re always safe.

Which Is the Most Popular Online Bingo Game?

We have a variety of video bingo games. You’ll find over ten options, with varying themes, gameplay and visuals, including many different styles. Whatever your favourite video bingo game is, you’ll find it here.

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