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Top 3 Casino Tricks for VIP

Trucos of Casino for High Rollers

The tips and recomendaciones for general casino players are also applicable to players who bet large amounts of money; however, there are other tricks and factors to consider when it comes to a High Roller, as the investment of money is much higher and therefore both the risk and the benefits are potentially much greater.

It doesn’t matter if your game is Black Jack, poker, slots or roulette; these recommendations are valid for premium players of all kinds of games and modalities.

You are the pretty girl of any casino, as the winnings of most online casinos depend basically on three types of players:

  • A few who regularly bet a lot of money (high rollers, VIP players, high level players, or professional players)
  • Many players who bet little money but regularly
  • Players who bet sporadically, whether large or small amounts.

Image of the 888Casino VIP Club you can see an analysis of the VIP Club of this casino and other features of it.

Generally a large part of the casinos’ income depends on the base of premium players who maintain high levels of betting on a regular basis. For this reason, losing a “normal” player does not make as much difference as losing a high roller.

What this implies is that, as a high roller, you have power; and you can demand to be pampered so that you stay with them and don’t leave them for someone else. Your ability to negotiate conditions is much greater, so you may want to consider negotiating exclusive deals and additional advantages such as those explained in the previous point and try to see what the competing casinos have to offer.

Do you know the old trick of calling the phone company and threatening to go to another one if it doesn’t improve your conditions? That’s it.

In the following trick for high level gamblers we leave you some of the advantages that you can expect or ask your usual casino.

Choose a reliable casino with a VIP Club

This trick for high rollers is valid whether you are betting 20 or 2,000 $s, but of course it is more important if you are betting large amounts of money. In that case you will have to spend more time researching about the different casinos, whether they are physical or online.

We recommend you to read our article about cómo choosing the best online casino so that you can take into account some security guidelines that they should meet, and also other important aspects to take into account when choosing the best casino for your needs.

Of course you will need to be part of a casino with a VIP Club with a loyalty program where you are assured of the advantages that you value the most personally, as we commented in the previous point.

Demand special benefits for being VIP

High-level players who place high stakes and move large amounts of money on a regular basis should alays be considered for a special loyalty programme.

Virtually all casinos and bookmakers have VIP clubs for their best players and have exclusive advantages, such as:

  • Personalised assistance
  • Preferred payment processing
  • Higher betting limits to play
  • To be able to try out new games before anyone else
  • Participate in exclusive tournaments
  • Enjoy invitations and gifts
  • Take an active part in some of the company’s decisions

If you want your current casino to pamper you a little more, investigate what benefits they offer to players of your caliber in competing casinos. Don’t hesitate to contact them, as they will gladly respond and make promises of love for you to go with them); and ask your casino to improve your current conditions if you feel like it.

If you are evaluating which casino is the most convenient for you, you can take into account this factor when deciding. As we explain in the following recommendation.

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