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Meet Your Local Entrepreneurs

Profiles of Local Small Business Owners

Tarek Aker - Tarek Aker IT Service & Consulting

Tarek Aker IT Service and Consulting is an IT company that focuses on offering the best and fastest Computer..read more


 Heather Polson - Hand Crafted by Heather Polson

Heather Polson is truly passionate about what she does. She provides a wide variety of unique costume ....read more

Carmen Cameron - Mr C Cleaning Services

Carmen Cameron at Mr. C Cleaning Services offers a full array of cleaning services for residential and commercial clients in  Antigonish and the surrounding area.  Carmen has over thirty years of cleaning experience with St Francis...read more

Denise Davies - Eckova Film and Media Production

Denise Davies at Eckova Film and Media Production offers services for nonprofits and small business in developing an Internet strategy through website, blog, social media and email newsletters. .... read more

Andrew Barkhouse - Laughing Lobster Photography

Laughing Lobster Photography is a photography business based in Antigonish, Nova Scotia operated by Andrew Barkhouse.....read more



Kenny Gallant - Dorchester's Antiques

With his keen eye, Kenny Gallant an avid antique collector made his business a reality when he opened Dorchester's Antiques, which is located on Post Road in Antigonish....read more


Dana Pettipas - Be the Change Consultant

Do you ever feel like life is passing you by? That it is time for a career change but not sure if you are ready? Times are changing, so should the way we look at the world around us. Shifts in perspective and behavior led to .....read more


Richard Cormier - RC Computer Repair

Let face it, computers are becoming more integrated into our lives no matter how much we resist. For most of us computers are a means of getting work done on a daily basis, and a form of entertainment at home. As much as computers can simplify our lives, they can make them even more complicated when they act up...read more


Ron Rehberg - Rockin' Ron's Guitar Lessons

Have you ever wanted to be rock star? Well you need to start somewhere, and Ron has the background knowledge and first hand experience to teach you how to play your guitar properly.... read more.


Mary-Anne Gosbee - Scotia Hand Carved Candles

Tired of those old, unstylish candles? Mary-Anne Gosbee, the owner of Scotia Hand Carved Candles, has a candle suitable for virtually any occasion or décor you can imagine. The candles produced by Scotia Hand Carved Candles work with a small oil reservoir to provide a gentle, warm light for hours at a time...read more.

Iain MacMullin - MacMullin's Marine Surveyors

Like many people, Iain MacMullin was searching for something to do after retirement. So he decided to combine his 35 years of mechanical experience with his passion for boats and boating....read more.

Joe Rogers - Music Fix

Music Fix, located on Post Road in Antigonish, is owned and operated by Joe Rogers. A long-time musician and mechanical engineering technologist, Joe established Music Fix because he saw a need for a full-service music instrument retailer in the town of Antigonish...read more.

Sabrina Sangster - Funky Munkys™

Funky Munkys Family Clothing is an Antigonish based family run business, owned by Sabrina Sangster. Funky Munkys offers a variety of cloth products for babies, toddlers and women. Products offered include everything from reusable diapers to crib pads...read more.

Jason MacEachern - A Smart Touch

Business owner Jason MacEachern calls himself a gadget magician. Have you ever wondered how to remotely dim your home lights with your cell phone or iPod....read more.


Joe Fung - Antigonish Home Science

With over 25 years experience in the construction industry, Joe Fung saw a need for professional home inspection and energy assessment services in Northeastern Nova Scotia. A former building inspector with Antigonish County and a Certified NRCan Energy Advisor, Joe helps people reduce risk, save energy and save money...read more.


Deirdre Graham - Flower Power Landscaping

With the fast paced life many people now live, everyday chores such as mowing the lawn, weeding the garden and trimming hedges often get overlooked and neglected...read more.


Mike MacEachern - Blacksmith, Welding & Fabrication

With a minor in Business Administration from StFX University, and a Boilermaker's Red Seal, Mike MacEachern, owner of Blacksmith Welding & Fabrication, has the education and experience to develop and run a successful business...read more.


Marilyn Pellerin - Stand Out Training and Marketing

Marilyn Pellerin measures her success by fulfilling her goal of running a successful consulting business from her home in Larry's River, Guysborough. Stand Out Training and Marketing offers a unique method of training employees and or management...read more.

Debbie Delorey Tompkins - Not Just a Cup of Tea

Combining years of experience as a home care worker with her education in Therapeutic Recreation, Debbie Delorey Tompkins opened Not Just a Cup of Tea in the Antigonish area to serve an aging population...read more.

Donna Scott - Bookkeeping Services for Small Business

There are a number of self employed people or small businesses that require someone with bookkeeping skills to maintain payroll, invoicing, and record keeping from time to time, or on a regular basis...read more.